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I've been painting professionally for over 12 years and have produced over 500 paintings. These are my collections. 

Into West Once Upon
Cobble I WIll Luminaries
Blus Geo Christ
Anchor 6
Anchor 5
22 36 x 36 Happy Place 2017.jpg

I'm looking for something in red, something that's shocking to turn a man's head 


Subtle yet powerful, uncomplicated color palettes make a strong statement. 

24 x 24 Spring Fever 2018.jpg

Green makes me happy. Spring makes me soar. 

Take me for a walk in a meadow, and baby, I'm yours.

24 x 24 Blue Lagoon Nov 2013.jpg

Hurry back, you don't know how much I miss you. Hurry back, until then just color me blue.

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