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I'm happy to assist you and answer your questions, but please check out my FAQs at the bottom of the page before you email me. 

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Tree Ali LLC, DBA Ali Mignonne



Do you accept commissions?

I'm sorry, but no, I do not take commissions. While I have done a number of commissions in the past, I find they are incredibly stressful and taxing on my creativity. I work best when I follow the muse and paint what's in my heart. 

Can I buy paintings directly from you?

Apart from a limited number of small seasonal paintings, typically size 12 x 12 gift size, my paintings are available exclusively at the galleries representing me. See my currently AVAILABLE page if you are interested in purchasing one of my paintings. Everything that I have available is listed there. 

Do you give painting lessons?

From time to time, I teach a class, but I do not give private lessons. Check my EVENTS page to see if any classes or workshops are upcoming. 

Do you sell prints?

A limited number of prints and other reproductions are available on my SHOP page. Due to the 3D nature of my paintings, it is difficult to create quality reproductions. 



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