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Past, present, future. They’re all the same.


The visitor, her knock, and the invitation were unwelcomed. The reclusive professor promptly sent the bewitching messenger on her way. After all, he had work to do. But like the ticking of a midnight clock, his curiosity persisted. What was it about her? What if this obscure research facility in the South American Rainforest really could deliver on its promises? What if he could rectify the tragedies of his past and have the only thing he’d ever wanted? Common sense be damned, he was going to find out!


Travel with the professor and the rest of Tangled Fates’ characters as secrets are revealed, true identities discovered, and unholy motives unearthed. Readers are taken on a page-turning adventure through time, making stops in Europe, South America, and the far reaches of the imagination. Expect to be intrigued, amazed, and shaking your head in disbelief as you discover how truly tangled our fates can become.

Tangled Fates Paperback, Autographed by Ali

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