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I'm giving away this Chapter 1 audiobook sample of Tangled Fates in a blatant attempt to hook you! I want buyers, but thus far, my marketing efforts haven't produced much in the way of sales. So here you go; chapter 1 is on me! And if you like what you hear, there are dozens of retailers from whom you can purchase the whole book, ebook, or audiobook. See my BOOK page for paperback, ebook, and audiobook buying options. 


Thanks for giving it a listen! I hope you fall in love. :)


Tangled Fates Synopsis


A top-secret research institute in the Amazonian Rainforest where "dreams come true?" What kind of malarky was this? Gustav scoffed. Did this eccentric nutjob believe he would drop everything and hop on a private jet to South America because of some half-baked, pie-in-the-sky sales pitch? He was old, for god sake, not stupid! But then again, he was ... old. This may be his last chance to take back what Fate had stolen from him; what she had stolen from them all!

Travel through time and across continents with a small group of people whose fates are irrevocably entangled. Discover how tribespeople from South America, Nazis from WWII Germany, a mysterious French woman, and an elderly grandma from Texas all wind up in the same jungle, holding humankind's future in their hands. Also ... Welcome to Imagīne.



FREE Chapter 1 Audiobook

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